3 Quick Exercises To Do At Home That Are Completely Free

3 Quick Exercises To Do At Home That Are Completely Free

It is well known and documented that frequent exercise is an important part of living a healthy and active lifestyle, however, time and budget are common excuses thrown around that put a halt to one’s daily exercise routine. To dispel these common excuses, here are 3 simple and quick exercises anybody can do in the comfort of their home for the low low price of zero dollars.

Plyometric Push Up:

You may have seen this as the pushup variation where someone pushes off the ground and claps their hands. This is easier than it seems and the clap is not at all necessary. The reason this pushup is better and easier than the standard pushup is because it forces your muscles to act more explosively. This means more energy used in a shorter period of time, and thus more exercise, quicker. It also means your muscles will learn to be more explosive, allowing you to do explosive actions quicker and with more power.

Explosive Sit Ups:

Simply lie down on a flat and hard surface (maybe put a Yoga Mat underneath), bend your legs and keep your feet on the ground, and sit up explosively. Be sure that when you lie back down, you don’t lie down completely as this damages your spine and neck. Explosive sit ups are a variation on the traditional sit up and again, forces your muscles to work explosively for a short period of time. This functional way of training guarantees more exercise in less time, as well as visible abs and stronger abdominal muscles.


As long as you’ve got a decently sized home where you can run from one end to the other for longer than 5 seconds, do that repeatedly. It may be boring to run back and forth over and over again, so an alternative to this is to make a run for it every time you leave your chair (this may be to go to the bathroom or to grab something from another room). If you were doing this at home, push yourself into a full sprint to maximize your energy usage and minimize time wasted. Ideally, you could go outside and run a lap around your block, however, if you were to go through the effort of preparing for a run, why not make the most of it and set a period of time in which you will not stop running (say for instance 30 minutes). It should go without saying that if you aim to run for more than a minute, you should pace yourself and not push to a full sprint 100% of the time.